Podere I Monti

Podere I Monti

I Monti Agriturismo is a Tuscany farmhouse, is located in Montieri, in Maremma countryside. It's 500m above sea level. We are very near to Siena and Grosseto and the San Galgano Abbey as well. 
Guests can visit our property of 78 hectares during their Farm stay in Tuscany and have many options: going for walks in the nature, hiking, looking for mushrooms and chestnuts in our reserved area, assist in the olive harvest, observe wildlife and endless starry skies at night, or relax in the large garden to watch a beautiful sunset. 
The farmhouse "I Monti" had been abandoned for a long time and we decided to get engaged with the project of renovating it and now is one of the best villas in Tuscany countryside and holds our "agriturismo" and our brand new holiday apartments. 
We engage with our guests and involve them in our traditions and customs. We also like to show them the nearby unknown beauties such as Colline Metallifere, between Siena and the Tuscan Mediterranean Seaside.
This territory is mainly hilly, with a rich variety of mineral resources, hence the name, exploited since antiquity first by the Etruscan until the mid-19th century, during which quickly began running out.
My grandparents lived not far from the Podere I Monti farm house and I used to spend a lot of time with them learning about old traditions and I try to pass them on my guests if they wish.


Biancospino suite

Val di Merse



mushroom gathering

An easy walk of about 2 hours in the surrounding wood, immersed in the forest with only the sounds of nature and gurgling streams. We'll help you cross the river and proceed into the wood.
Periods depend on the Seasons, typically May-June and September-October-November. It's not possible to make firm plans because we need to see how the growing season goes.
Hiking boots, basket and long trousers required.
From Euro 20 per person 


chestnut gathering

Directly from I Monti Agriturismo you can go for a peaceful and beautiful nature walk until you arrive at the chestnut grove to collect the chestnuts
Direct sales 

Basket weaving

the art of weaving

Afternoon (about 3 hours). Following traditional methods, learn the art of basket weaving. At the end of the 3 hours guests will have created a small basket or a trivet to put under hot pots.
Euro 35 per person, including materials

Wild asparagus

in spring, wild asparagus gathering

In spring, the first good days of sunshine, spend an afternoon walking around the surrounding premises looking for wild asparagus.
From the end of March to the middle of April you can typically find wild asparagus.
We recommend long trousers and hiking boots.

Cooking Class

Italian cuisine

Enjoy a one day hands-on cooking lesson with me and discover the authentic Tuscan recipes.
The lesson is varied depending on the season and what we have available in the garden
a choice of homemade pasta tagliatelle, tortelli, gnocchi and tomato sauces or pesto or with mushrooms. the flavors of our tradition like stewed wild boar, arista with chestnuts, cream of zucca , stuffed zucchini, eggplant parmigiana, grilled vegetables, castagnaccio, pasta made with chestnut flour, roasted chestnuts and much more depending on the season and what we have. We use local and local products km 0. Then there are the desserts made with the fruit of the tart or apple pie or tiramisù
If we cook together then we all eat together what we have prepared.
The cost varies depending on what is chosen to prepare and depending on the season

Horse riding

on Tuscany's Hills

with our partner 75esima Adventure we organize nature walks and Horse riding and more to discover the Metalliferous Hills

The organization specializes in a wide range of guided activities in the Colline Metallifere and the Maremma region of Tuscany

The activities:

Horse riding
Quad atv
Excursions in the mines and caves
Free Ride Mountain Bike

Discover this corner of Tuscany with environmental guides and Equestrian authorized by the Tuscany Region.


San Galgano, the abbey without roof...

The Abbey was built in 1218 by the Cistercian monks. The interior of the church has no roof and floor, replaced by beaten earth that in spring turns into a turf. An evocative place, a favorite set for film and videoclip directors today could be for your special day.
The site consists of the Hermitage said La Rotonda Montesiepi and the great Abbey

The sword in the rock has attracted many tourists over the decades and the area still fascinates people, especially since a lot of mystery surrounds the character of Sir Galgano. It is said that his hair kept growing blond hair after his death.
San Galgano Abbey attracts pilgrims from all over the world and has a magical and mystical aura around it, which makes it a wonderful wedding venue that will fascinate your guests and make your wedding in San Galgano a day to remember.
Inside the Abbey of San Galgano for a civil Wedding while for a religious Wedding is The Hermitage of Montesiepi a small circular church with inside the famous Sword in the Stone.


in the Tuscan hills at Podere I Monti

Podere I Monti is in the heart of the Val di Merse in the magical lands of San Galgano between the Maremma and the Crete Senesi with medieval villages, unspoiled nature, relaxing views of ancient Abbeys.
For an intimate and romantic wedding we are the ideal destination with surrounding views large outdoor spaces and a beautiful infinity pool with a beautiful view and we also have a large living room with panoramic patio, the areas will be equipped and organized according to the needs of future spouses . In collaboration with the wedding planner we will take care of every detail from the choice of catering, music, flower arrangements, style, booking Abbey of San Galgano and the various documents that serve.
Large panoramic meadow, infinity pool with panoramic terrace, large hall of about 80 square meters.