Privacy statement

We are aware of the importance of privacy and privacy of our customers and therefore of retention

and we process your personal data in accordance with applicable laws, in particular

Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data, Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic

communications, as well as the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, as well as the relevant standards

European Union.

Why we process your personal information

The provision of personal data is voluntary, but there are some contracts to conclude contracts

your data is necessary. The data you submit to us is processed primarily for delivery purposes

our services and products, invoicing, furthermore for internal use, for marketing and business purposes,

or for the recovery of claims or the assessment of payment discipline. An overview of your personal information

we process:

- name and surname,

- permanent address,

- address of the collection point,

- birthdate,

- contact phone,

- contact e-mail.

If you decide to reject some data, you can do so easily

by calling the phone number 00420737231471

Who can provide the data
We only provide your personal information to the company 

When providing

However, we always pay close attention to your personal data to third parties

data only to the extent necessary to the trusted entities that have committed themselves

provide the data properly and safely. We are also required to provide the managed data in

cases of law, such as state administration, courts, criminal authorities

management, etc.
How we ensure data security 

We place great emphasis on security policy within the company, confidentiality of employees,

compliance with internal directives and selection of contractual partners. We maintain the confidentiality of communications,

reports, traffic and location data pursuant to the Electronic Communications Act. For processing

personal data we choose the latest technical means to maximize protection.

When contacting customers, we use the data provided to us under the Protection Act

personal data. In addition to personal or written contact, we use to communicate with customers

e-mail, fax and telephone, respectively. mobile phone (calls, SMS or MMS).

Business message

In the processing of your data for marketing and business purposes, we can process this data

for their own marketing and business activities. If you do not want us to process your data for

marketing purposes and to send you any business message you can contact at any time

by phone on our company on tel. 00420737231471

You also have the option of requesting, at any time, to rectify, add or delete data, or revoke it

consent to the processing of personal data in cases where processing of such data does not originate from

of the Act.