Drogheria & Locanda Franci

Camera del Sommelier

Locanda Franci offers beautifully renovated suites and appartments in the heart of Montalcino, modern but with a touch of that impeccable and traditional Tuscan style.
A unique and extraordinary way to experience the city of Brunello with the possibility of organizing tastings of the local wines aided by our expert sommeliers. 

When one arrives to Montalcino it is very often with the purpose of tasting our famous Brunello, this noble wine treasured all over the world for its structure, balance, harmony and beautiful, intense ruby red colour. 

If you are passionate about Brunello or simply enjoy wine in general, this is the perfect suite for you. In fact, you will find a selection of wines that you can enjoy peacefully in leather armchairs after a day of visiting the territory of Montalcino and Val d'Orcia in a quiet and cozy atmosphere where every little detail has been designed to ensure a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Some of the peculiarities in this room are the sink made of parts from an old ship giving the room that special and charming je-ne-sais-quoi, the chandelier made of oak from a used wine barrel, designed and created specifically for this room and the wooden floor painted in a beautiful burgundy color. Enjoying a glass of wine in this room with the view of the beautiful and medieval Fortezza di Montalcino is definitely an unforgettable experience.

The Sommelier's Room is perfect for wine-lovers and who ever wants to fully experience the atmosphere in the town of Brunello.