Agritur Col Verde

Agritur Col Verde

We welcome guests in a rural setting close to nature at our family-run farm.

The majority of our dairy products and cured meats are produced from our own ingredients (milk and meat), some of which are processed away from the farm. Our yoghurt is homemade, however, as are our jams, syrups and cakes.

We offer accommodation, breakfast and tastings of typical products.

Combining the knowledge handed down from our ancestors with modern farming techniques, we rear our animals without forcing them and on fodder we have produced. We also welcome small animals and your horses in our stables.


Agritur Col Verde primarily offers accommodation, breakfast and tastings of typical products. In addition, we also welcome small animals and your horses in our stables. Bike and/or ski equipment storage is also available. Wi-Fi internet connection in all the house.

Our farm is family run; it stands on a gentle hill, surrounded by the countryside near Predazzo (Fiemme Valley), no more than 2 km from the centre of the village. There are no other extensive and flat "prairies" like this one in the whole of the north east Trentino region. It is a one-of-a-kind, also because it is crowned to the north by the splendid Dolomites, with the Latemar and the Pala group, and by the Lagorai chain to the south.


Our farm is surrounded by wonderful woodland. The summer months offer opportunities for hiking, horse-riding and mountain biking, or for visiting the many lakes and mountain peaks. Bike and bridle paths pass in front of the farm guesthouse; the surrounding rural roads are an invitation to long relaxing walks and are also wheelchair accessible. A new wooden facility a short stroll away is home to a riding stable where you can take riding lessons, go on riding excursions or enjoy the ponies for young children. There is also a playground next door.


Our guests will be able to forget they own a car, because during the winter months you only have to step outside the door to put on your cross-country skis or take a sledge and set off, filling your lungs with fresh healthy air. For destinations that are further away, close to the farm there is a stop for both the little train into the village and the Ski Bus that will take you to the ski lift departure points.

Our animals

We would like to teach our guests about the reality of rural mountain life in a setting that has always been linked to the rhythm of nature, to customs and above all to the thousand-year-old history of these fantastic places.

On our farm, the hens scratch about, our pale-coloured horses gallop freely in the meadows and the cows graze in the flowery grass until their hearts' content. In our work, we try to combine the knowledge passed down from our ancestors with modern farming techniques, focusing first and foremost on respect for our animals.

Just imagine, our cows have names and are regularly brushed!

We have a herd of red and white spotted cattle (Simmenthal) that includes dairy cows, calves and heifers. We chose this breed because they are mountain animals therefore very rustic and reared for their versatility, meat and milk. Our dairy cows are not forced, in the sense that they are fed on fodder we produce ourselves, such as hay and alfalfa, with the only addition of corn and barley flour. For some years now, the calves have only drunk milk from the cows and are not fed on powdered milk.

Insemination of the cows is scheduled in such a way that they are able to go to the mountains during the summer, their dry period (two months before the birth). The majority of our pregnant cattle give birth between the mid-August and the beginning of November. The few that remain in the stalls during the summer months also have the opportunity to graze in the meadows that surround the farm.

For three years now we have been using a raw milk distributor near the Predazzo Coop and we produce High Quality certified milk. Since 2008, we have been providing milk for mass distribution by Coop through our consortium. All this serves to demonstrate the excellence of our milk.

We also have a herd of Haflinger horses. These pale-coloured, straightforward Haflinger are born in the spring in the meadows beneath the house and grow up free, socialising in the herd. Perhaps you'll find a loyal companion among them to take home as a souvenir of these wonderful places!

You can also pet our goats, see our hens and we have cats and dogs too, of course!

Events in the summer ...

.. green fields, grazing animals on high mountain pastures ...

something is moving in the grass, is mother duck with her littles, ...

Our forests or the mountains of the valley invite to excursions in the nature ...